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The Concord Land Conservation Trust (CLCT) is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization devoted to the preservation and conservation of open land in the Town of Concord. Founded in 1959, CLCT now has seven trustees and over 650 member families. CLCT seeks to preserve Concord’s natural landscape, open space, wildlife corridors and habitats, and sense of place. CLCT works in concert with the Town of Concord, Minuteman National Park and other local conservation organizations to maximize the amount of protected property.

Since its inception, CLCT has acquired, through gift or purchase, over 900
acres and holds conservation restrictions on an additional 265 acres. All of
this land will be protected from development and remain in its natural state
forever; once property or a conservation restriction on property is acquired by
CLCT, it is never relinquished. A subsidiary, Concord Open Land Foundation
(COLF), was founded in 1988 to engage in conservation transactions where the
land acquired, or a portion of it, may be subsequently sold or swapped. The
five directors of COLF meet regularly with CLCT Trustees and participate in CLCT

Land owned by the CLCT, as well as, in varying degrees, much of the land on
which CLCT holds conservation restrictions, is open to public use. Many CLCT
properties are ideal for hiking, picnicking, cross-country skiing, sledding,
canoeing and ice skating. Swimming, camping, fires, hunting and motorized
vehicles are not permitted.

Land Conservation

In acting to preserve open space, CLCT concentrates on large tracts that
provide a critical mass of protected land, parcels that abut or link other
protected properties, and parcels in areas of the Town where open space is
scarce. Woods, fields and ponds are all suitable for protection. Not every
parcel of land in Concord, however, is appropriate for protection. Isolated
building lots are generally not regarded as suitable for acquisition by CLCT
unless they enlarge or link existing conserved areas.

As Concord becomes more and more developed, conservation opportunities are
rapidly diminishing. Here are some of the ways CLCT seeks to protect land in Concord:

1. Gifts of Land. Gifts of land to CLCT are tax deductible for federal income
tax purposes and can lower federal estate taxes by removing property from the
estate. Recent gifts to CLCT include the Douglas and Adele Miller Farm near
Nine Acre Corner and a property on Kennedy Pond in West Concord.

2. Purchases of Land. CLCT also purchases land, either directly by raising funds
through contributions, or indirectly by organizing persons to sponsor a purchase
which is then gifted to CLCT. Recent acquisitions by purchase include the Piney
Woods in the Spencer Brook Valley. A property owner who sells property to CLCT
or COLF at less than its fair market value (a "bargain sale") may receive an
income tax deduction equal to the difference between the fair market value and
the sale price.

3. Conservation Restrictions. By placing a conservation restriction or easement
on its property in favor of CLCT, a property owner agrees to limit the type and
amount of development that can occur on the property. Most restrictions are
permanent and remain in force in perpetuity, but some restrictions may be for a
term of years. Some easements may be restricted to a particular activity, such
as a trail easement across an owner’s property. The value of the restrictions
granted, which reduce the fair market value of the property, may result in
income tax deductions and lower property taxes for the owner.

4. Options and Rights of First Refusal. A property owner interested in
protecting its property from development can grant a purchase option or right of
first refusal in favor of CLCT or COLF. An option gives CLCT the exclusive
right to purchase the property at a set price within a period of time, providing
CLCT an opportunity to solicit donations and raise funds for the purchase. A
right of first refusal gives CLCT the opportunity to match a bona fide offer to
purchase a property. Either device ensures that CLCT will have an opportunity
to conserve a property without having to act immediately.

Other Activities and Functions

CLCT pursues its goals of conserving and maintaining land in a number of ways.

1. Education. Each winter and spring, CLCT (together with Harvard University)
sponsors a series of three lectures by noted scientists and other specialists on
topics in conservation-related fields, such as biology, ecology and geology.
The lectures are presented and coordinated with students and teachers at
Concord-Carlisle High School, Concord Academy and Middlesex School. Recent
topics include global warming and conservation lessons for New England. Please
check Events for the next lecture.

2. Walks and Social Activities. Throughout the year, CLCT conducts guided walks
on CLCT properties, followed by refreshments at a nearby home. Upcoming walks
are listed in Events.

3. Conservation Activities. CLCT engages in activities to maintain and protect Concord’s natural resources. This includes mowing meadows and maintaining trails on CLCT land. Recent efforts also include sponsorship of a project to clear water chestnuts from Fairhaven Bay and, with other area organizations, researching the use of beetles to control the invasive purple loosestrife.

How to Help

CLCT is funded entirely by annual membership dues and donations by members and
friends. Many donations are made for the purpose of acquiring specific parcels
of property. In addition, CLCT is endeavoring to build an endowment to help
finance ongoing maintenance and administration of properties already owned.
Contributions of any size are always welcome, and may be made in cash or by
gifts of marketable securities. All contributions are fully tax-deductible for
federal income tax purposes. Please see our donations page for more information.

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